Session 4: Intentional Leadership Planning: Reducing Risks of Planned and Unplanned Leader Transitions

Past Event

Strong, thoughtful, and intentional succession planning is the key to securing the mission of any nonprofit organization and reducing the risks of unplanned (and even planned) transitions. Too often, the day-to-day imperatives of our work take so much of our attention that even our best leaders don’t take the time to plan approaches that could reduce the risk that organizations experience when they lose critical leadership. Both organizational and personal disasters can occur if good planning is not in place.
 In this interactive session we will provide resources for and explore the key elements of:

  • Emergency Succession Planning – A process that is in place in the event the executive suddenly departs – either permanently or for an extended period of time (i.e. longer than three months).
  • Departure-Defined Succession Planning – A process that is in place for a future planned retirement or permanent departure of the executive.
  • Strategic Leader Development – A process that integrates ongoing leadership development into the succession planning process for the organization.
  • This workshop is best suited for nonprofit CEOs, senior managers, Board members.